About Us


We are a company engaged in agriculture. We were established since 2015 and now we have more than 20 hectares of ketum / kratom land, with a production capacity of up to 20 tons per month. Some of the focuses of our company’s activities are :


Hectares Kratom Land


Years Experience Since 2015


Kg Average Sales Month


Kg Max Production /Day

Our Vision

To become a marketing company that has a major contribution to the health and welfare of the Indonesian people, especially West Kalimantan
Being a traditional medicine company, health food drinks and high quality raw material processing provide more and safer benefits with higher hygiene control.
To be a trusted pioneer in Information Technology Based company with retail and secure network
Become a true partner for businessmen who want to get certainty of profit


Developing products made from herbal ingredients in the form of natural dosage forms for traditional medicine, food and beverage and health, based on rational, safe and honest research.
Developing research on natural medicines on an ongoing basis.
Assist and encourage the government, support education, the medical world to be more supportive of research and developing medicines from natural ingredients.
Increase public awareness of the importance of maintaining health through a healthy lifestyle and naturopathic medicine.
Become a global traditional medicine company

Drying process

We have more than 20 Hectares Kraof ketum / kratom land, with a production capacity of up to 20 tons per month. The old kratom leaves are picked one by one, leaving the young leaves or shoots for harvesting the following month. Young leaves that are not plucked will soon become old leaves that will be ready for harvest in the following month. The leaves that have been harvested are cleaned using running water.

After that we arrange the leaves evenly in the container that we have provided. The drying process uses a temperature of 25C – 30C in the room.

Main application

This machine is widely used for material crushing by the pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries.


The crushing chamber is equipped with a high wind ~ rotating speed cutter wind wheel, so that the air flow in the chamber is strong enough to dissipate the heat in the chamber to keep the alkaloid mitragyna speciosa. It has the benefits of very smooth operation, disassembly and assembly, low noise and good crushing efficiency.

Method of Work

The machine uses a high wind ~ speed rotating cutter and fixed cutter to crush, mill and shear the raw material which is accompanied by a strong airflow inside the chamber to bring out the heat with the product through the screen. The grain size can be achieved by changing the screen. We use ultravioled light to prevent the presence of bacteria in kratom powder