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We know that kratom plant has many benefits. Kratom users are not only men but also women. Kratom plants can have a good effect on women. Women can also feel the benefits of kratom in general, but kratom also has special benefits for women. Some of the benefits of kratom for women are as follows: ...Read More


Drugs are dangerous chemical substances that can have an addictive effect on users if they are use it more than recommended dosage. Why are drugs capable to make the users to become addicted? Drugs affect can trigger the brain so that it is able to manipulate feelings, moods and behavior. Drugs are also able to affect the way of thinking and change the mood. Drugs also stimulate the brain so that it creates a feeling of freshness, enthusiasm, and increased self-confidence. Feelings like this are indirectly recorded in the brains of drug users, causing a feeling of wanting to get a happy sensation from using drugs continuously. Therefore, drug addicts will find it difficult to quit and stay away from drugs. ...Read More


CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the chemical compounds that you can find in cannabis (Cannabis Sativa). This substance is believed to be beneficial for human health, although it is still being debated. One of the hundreds of components of marijuana that does not cause the user to hallucinate this also does not exhibit addictive effects or potentially abused. CBD is used as a medication for anxiety disorders, epilepsy (widely have been proven), and schizophrenia. Comparison of Kratom and CBD. The main difference between kratom and CBD is at the molecular level. Kratom and CBD both have contained different molecules. Kratom and CBD sometimes have the same effect, but they differ from each other in the way they work for those effects. ...Read More


Kratom is an indigenous plant to Southeast Asia. This plant, which has the Latin name Mitragyna Speciosa, is also known as 'ketum' or 'biek' (Malaysia) or also known as 'khratom' or 'thom' in Thailand. Kratom plants are found in Africa, Indonesia, Peninsular Malaysia and in Thailand. ...Read More