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Discussing the benefits of kratom, cannot be done without talking about the dosage for use. The dose required to obtain the effect also depends on gender, age, body weight and other factors. Although there are no studies that specifically discuss the blood concentration of kratom users, in general, the dosage for kratom powder is as follows:...Read More


In Indonesia, the kratom plant is known as the golden plant because kratom has many benefits. Most of the effects contained in kratom are because kratom has two active compounds that act as stimulants that interact on the cortex and brainstem, although the results are dose dependent. The important thing to note is Kratom comes to different strains. Some of the most prominent health benefits of kratom are: ...Read More


Drugs are dangerous chemical substances that can have an addictive effect on users if they are use it more than recommended dosage. Why are drugs capable to make the users to become addicted? Drugs affect can trigger the brain so that it is able to manipulate feelings, moods and behavior. Drugs are also able to affect the way of thinking and change the mood. Drugs also stimulate the brain so that it creates a feeling of freshness, enthusiasm, and increased self-confidence. Feelings like this are indirectly recorded in the brains of drug users, causing a feeling of wanting to get a happy sensation from using drugs continuously. Therefore, drug addicts will find it difficult to quit and stay away from drugs. ...Read More