How Process Of Making Kratom Powder ??

– After harvesting kratom leaves, the kratom leaves will be separated from the leaf bones. Then the kratom leaves transported by a net bag to the shelter. The transported leaves are carried out with limited capacity to avoid  kratom leaves would be buildup in each other which can cause damage to leaf shape and nutrients on kratom leaves due to hot temperatures

– Then, the kratom leaves are washed by placing them in a large container filled by water to remove dirt and particles of dust on the kratom leaves. After clean, kratom leaves would stored on a storage rack.

– After the kratom leaves clean, kratom leaves would be quarantined by sorting the proper, defective and damaged leaves after the leaves are separated from the leaf bones.

– The sorted leaves then drained, so the water attached to the leaves is completely lost so that the leaf drying process will be easier.

– After the leaves are drained, the leaves would be dried by being aerated in a room that is not exposed to direct sunlight, to get better quality. The drying process is carried out for few days (2- 4 days) until the kratom leaves are completely dry.

– After drying, the leaves would be sorted back to select completely dry and clean leaves. Prior to the next process, kratom leaves will be observed again to ensure whether the leaves have changed color or not and also pay attention to the dryness of the kratom leaves is still maintained or not.

– The powdering or kratom leaves crushing into kratom powder would be done by using a stainless steel grinding machine.

– After the kratom leaves become powdered, the kratom powder would be sorted again by sieving with a stainless steel filter to separate the fine and coarse powder. And make sure again that kratom powder is really smooth. the best place to buy kratom online


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