Discussing the benefits of kratom, cannot be done without talking about the dosage for use. The dose required to obtain the effect also depends on gender, age, body weight and other factors.

Although there are no studies that specifically discuss the blood concentration of kratom users, in general, the dosage for kratom powder is as follows:


  • Small, 3g-5g

Has a mild and pleasant stimulant effect. It is believed that if you consume kratom in this dose, users can feel more energized, be more aware of their surroundings and can be more confident in carrying out social interactions.


  • Medium, 5g-7g

Consuming kratom in medium doses can provide a pleasant sensation like drinking beer or wine. It is believed that consuming kratom in medium doses 3 times a day can help with drug withdrawal.


  • Large, 7g+

Consuming kratom in large doses is said to be a sedative and also has a euphoria effect. Euphoria is an excessively comfortable or pleasant feeling.


When the effects of kratom are felt depending on the dosage used, we invite you to experiment with kratom and try it for yourself. As with any supplement, you must know the right dosage for yourself.

When you have found the right dosage for you, we are sure that you will get more  benefits for yourself.

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