We know that kratom plant has many benefits. Kratom users are not only men but also women. Kratom plants can have a good effect on women. Women can also feel the benefits of kratom in general, but kratom also has special benefits for women. Some of the benefits of kratom for women are as follows:


  • Suppress appetite

Kratom is believed to suppress appetite. For women who want to lose weight, you can use kratom consumption method in small doses, once a day. Consume kratom by mixing into warm water or hot tea without using any sweeteners. Kratom is also known to have benefits as energy boost, therefore, even though you women are on a diet, your energy condition will remain stable aided by kratom. The best kratom for weight loss is the White Borneo.


  • Sexual Performance

Consuming kratom in moderate doses is useful for increasing sexual performance, women who want to enjoy sex partners in bed or also for women who are prostitutes, consume kratom in moderate doses before sex to help provide energy and increase libido so that it is confirmed if you consume kratom before sex will greatly affect sex performance. Especially in women during their sex drive.


  • Helping pregnant women who are drug addicts

The way kratom works is like the opioid effect. Doctors advise drug addicts to use kratom as a recovery from drug dependence. Likewise, for pregnant women who were previously drug addicts, because even though they have thought about the effects of drugs that are not good for their womb, pregnant women who are drug addicts will still have a period where they want to consume drugs. Thinking of the bad effects of drugs on the womb, some doctors recommend pregnant women who are drug addicts to use kratom when they are in a state of needing drugs because kratom is an herbal plant that has milder and fewer side effects. But for pregnant women, don’t forget to consult to your doctor for the right dose.



  • Reducing pain and cramps during menstruation

As we know, kratom is very well known for its benefits for reducing aches and pains. Consuming kratom can be believed to also relax tense muscles. Therefore, kratom which is known to have some astounding anti-inflammatory effects can help women who are experiencing menstrual pain. Taking kratom in small doses once a day is believed to reduce pain and cramps in the vaginal muscles. It would be better if you consult with your doctor before consuming kratom and don’t consume too much!


  • As a skincare

Kratom is an herbal plant that is known to have many benefits and many uses, one of the uses for the kratom plant is for the skin. Using kratom as a skincare can provide a glowing effect on the skin, softens naturally, can improve body tone, reduce oil, remove dead skin, depending on the processing and mixture of kratom. There have been many skin health products made by kratom as a base ingredient. Or you can make your skincare products at home.


Those are some of the benefits of kratom for women. If you are a woman and are interested in buying kratom, you can buy it here (enter the buy link).

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