IS KRATOM LEGAL IN GERMANY? Kratom is 100% legal in Germany on condition, when explicitly labeled and sold not for human consumption. Governmental discussion whether it should be registered with the German Narcoticts Art (BtMG) or have special controls under the Medicinal Products Act (AMG) were placed, and that decision has kept it legal.


National Drug Strategy and Laws


In 2012, Germany’s drug strategy was guided by the Federal Cabinet’s National Strategy on Drug and Addiction Policy. Like many drug strategies in other countries, Germany is centered on prevention, counseling and treatment, harm reduction and supply cuts. All kinds of addiction, including gambling and media, are covered by the strategy.

As for the law, possession is a crime, however, there are options other than prison for those accused of possessing small amounts of narcotics. The sentence was guided by the principle of “Treatment Instead of Punishment” so that the sentence could be reduced if the defendant received treatment.

As for Kratom, it is not currently considered a drug and therefore not illegal. Kratom products may not be sold as human consumption products and must be labeled (explicitly).The Best Place To Buy Kratom Online


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