Drugs are dangerous chemical substances that can have an addictive effect on users if they are use it more than recommended dosage. Why are drugs capable to make the users to become addicted? Drugs affect can trigger the brain so that it is able to manipulate feelings, moods and behavior. Drugs are also able to affect the way of thinking and change the mood. Drugs also stimulate the brain so that it creates a feeling of freshness, enthusiasm, and increased self-confidence. Feelings like this are indirectly recorded in the brains of drug users, causing a feeling of wanting to get a happy sensation from using drugs continuously. Therefore, drug addicts will find it difficult to quit and stay away from drugs.


Kratom contains the alkaloid mitraginin, and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the ingredients in kratom can provide a relaxing effect to euphoria. Kratom works like opioids but does not have an effect very similar to opioids. So, kratom can manipulate a brain that is “hungry” for narcotics. Kratom is a psychotropic herbal plant, providing good effects as long as it is used according to the dosage used. Kratom leaves can overcome problems from withdrawing drugs such as nausea, vomiting, insomnia and anxiety.


Many doctors recommend cutting drugs with kratom because kratom leaves have fewer side effects and are milder than narcotics. Besides the fact that kratom is an herbal plant, pure kratom does not contain chemicals such as narcotics. So that treatment for terminating narcotics with kratom can be carried out in the long term with side effects that are not as big as narcotic users.

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