Best Kratom in the world is come from Indonesia, because, Indonesia is a country that prioritizes agriculture. Indonesia is a tropical country and has two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. Although it has two seasons, the temperature difference between that two seasons is relatively small so that plants can grow throughout the year.

The components in the soil that good for plants are soil that contains 50% minerals, 5% organic matter and 25% water. The influence of astronomical and geographic location in Indonesia is also important. Soil conditions in Indonesia are good and fertile, therefore kratom plants can live well in Indonesia, especially in Kalimantan. Kalimantan island in Indonesia has rivers that flow throughout Kalimantan, so it can be ascertained that the soil in Kalimantan has an adequate water intake. As it is known that kratom trees growing on the river bank or in soils with sufficient moisture. Also, Kalimantan Island is at latitude 0°, so it has high temperature and humidity. Sufficient moisture content in the soil and good temperature conditions greatly affect the fertility of the soil planted with kratom trees and help the kratom tree grow better and have healthy leaves.

The thing that makes us confident if Indonesian kratom is the best kratom because Indonesia has the government support that since mid-2020 has legalized kratom in Indonesia, the government claimed that kratom is herbs. So that the process of buying and selling kratom in Indonesia can be done well. Not only that, the processing of kratom plants into kratom powder can be guaranteed well, so that the quality of the kratom you will receive is also guaranteed to be good.

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